Significant benefits for you and your life

We can help you feel better and move better so you can enjoy more golf, all season long.

Have less pain

Are you in pain and suffering after only a couple of holes? Is that old injury still creeping into your awareness? Can you play as much golf as you would like to? Whether you're looking to resolve an old injury, or recover more quickly from a tournament, more performance in your spine gets you back in the game and helps you to play more of the game you could be playing.

Feel better and stronger

As spinal structure and function improve, people generally report having more energy in their lives. Your body is able to more effectively meet the demands of the sport and you can enjoy more of the game you love.

Play more golf

Improved spinal performance not only allows you to swing better, it also allows you to swing more. Increases in spinal coordination and efficiency allow you to minimize the impact of this sport on your body's structure.

A recent retrospective study of 2,818 patients in the United States and Worldwide demonstrated that Network Care is associated with statistically significant, profound and consistent improvement in self-reported health and wellness issues, including the following:

  Improved physical well-being

  Increased emotional and psychological well-being

  Stress less

  Self-motivated lifestyle changes

  More life enjoyment

  Improved overall quality of life

Harvest more gifts of the spine and access more of your potential.



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