Golf in your nerve system

Upgrade the core of your game to access new levels of performance.

Landing the ball exactly where you want is an extremely complex task. It involves the dynamic integration of many different types and sources of information. All of this is accomplished by your nerve system (brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves). The nerve system senses, perceives and integrates information from external sources with information received internally about the body's position and movement in space, and also from learning and memory from previous experience.

Your nerve system collects and assembles the information available in the moment, as you become aware of what needs to happen to execute your swing. In the background of your experience, your nerve system is integrating and calculating, creating a mental plan for your 'best swing' .

The swing itself is initiated and executed from within the nerve system which gracefully (to a greater or lesser extent) coordinates the movement of your spine, limbs and ultimately the club, to drive the ball exactly the way you imagined it...

The nerve system is also at the centre of learning and memory for your game.  Your nerve system gets feedback about the swing it just executed from seeing where the ball actually lands, learning for next time.