Why the Spine?

The spine is at the centre of every swing and connects your brain to your body

Your spine is the core physical structure of your body and houses your nerve system - the neurological 'hardware' for your game, and for your life. Your spine and nerve system work together, driving the execution of every swing. Good spinal performance is crucial to your success at the tee, on the green, and everywhere in between.

Improved structure = increased function

There is a relationship between the structure of your spine and the function of your body. Improving how individual vertebrae are positioned and moved in space improves the overall structure of the spine. This allows tension within the nerve system, spine and body to be redistributed more effectively, improving function and performance throughout the entire body. The more connection, flexibility and alignment within the spine and nerve system, the greater the potential for health and performance.

Move more effectively and more efficiently

Improving your spinal alignment and biomechanics increases health and performance so you can play golf easier, better and longer.

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Take your game to the next level

Increased nerve function gets you more connection and improved focus allowing you to play more present and 'in the zone'.

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